Official Opening on Saturday 3rd June 2017, 12pm

Although the Auriol Park Cafe took four years to become a reality – and the final touches are still being added – the owners note that the whole neighbourhood has been excited and encouraging, with many residents remarking that it was long overdue.


The official opening day is Saturday 3rd June , 11.30am and there is a special guest appearance of the Mad Hatter, courtesy of Wishing Chair Events, who will entertain the children and the grownups with a game of cricket, if anyone’s up for it.

With a desire to become a thriving hub centred on impeccable quality, the Auriol Café aims to be eclectic. A few great things you’ll find on their menu is their specialty, the Poppy Seed Cake plus healthy children’s lunch packs titled “Eat like a Boss”. A meal that would make me eat my lunch too!

There are other activities happening on the day so do visit the website and don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay in the loop about events in the park and cafe.

If you’re not sure of its whereabouts, the café is nested inside Auriol Park, which sits comfortably between Salisbury Road and Thorndon Gardens, a neighbourhood that has been evolving for hundreds of years.

Being that the owners are history enthusiasts, they are excited to share the history of the park with anyone wanting to know, especially the children. Hence, at the opening day, Saturday 3rd June 2017 there will be a historical trivia game prepared for the little ones (or anyone who’d want to enter the competition for a prize).

For example, did you know that Auriol Park was once part of Nonsuch Park, created in 1538 by Henry VIII to celebrate the 30th year of his accession and the birth of his son, the future Edward VI? Well not initially but it was years later, in 1606, when James I enlarged Nonsuch Park and created new boundaries.

That was when the land that is now Auriol Park became part of Nonsuch Park.

At this time Nonsuch Park was great in size and so it was dived into the Great Park (northern part), and the Little Park (southern part – the Nonsuch Park we know today). Under James I, the Earl of Worcester was made Keeper of the Great Park, and he rebuilt his lodge as a mansion known as Worcester House. By 1627 the Great Park had become known as Worcester Park, and in 1731 was sold off for agricultural land.

Therefore, when you are visiting Auriol Park don’t forget that Henry VIII used to hunt there.

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Opening soon!

logoauriolcafe_finalDear Residents

It is our pleasure to announce that Auriol Park Cafe will open in May 2017 (exact date to be confirmed).

Please please please do leave us your email (via Contact  page) so we can contact you with more information about the opening day, and any future events planned.

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King regards,

The Team

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